Author: Lora Abadjieva


3rd newsletter

Our 3rd newsleetr is ready. You can download it from here: 01-newsletter3_eng

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2nd newsletter is ready


13/07/2019 0

2nd meeting in Thessaloniki

Our team met for a second time in Thessaloniki, Greece. We choose 3 best practises per each country. Now we are heading to our JSTE in England. 🙂  

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Radio broadcast produced by Basilicata press

This is the playlist of podcast produced by Basilicata Press about LWRMI Project. Some of them were transmitted on Lavoradio, radio magazine broadcasted from 15 italian radio and webradio.    

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JSTE in Kirshehir, Turkey 4 – 6 june 2019

Our team just finished our first JSTE in Kirshehir, Turkey. We have an amazing experience there. They show us what they teach the migrants – wood, mozaic and clay. The food festival was also amazing! 🙂      

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Broadcast from Radio Dacorum

  Radio Dacorum interview here:    

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First Leaflet is ready

Here you can find the first Leaflet in Englsh: LEAFLET LWRMI in English  

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First newsletter is READY

We are so happy to announce that our first newsletter is ready,:)

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Meeting in Potenza

Our first meeting was in Potenza. We decide all the deadlines for our work and also receive our certificates of attendence.

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