Survey: Refugees and migrants

Each country made questionnaire for 15 migrants and refugees. Here we will share the data with you.  

10/02/2021 0

Cultural food festival in Bulgaria

You can watch it here  

26/01/2021 0

“Добре дошли” Short language course in Bulgarian for foreigners

Dates: 27,28,30,31 January 2021 Place: Zoom Time: 18:00 – 21:00 The number of participants is limited. Free of charge ————————————– Apply here:…/1FAIpQLSdfJOyYVypXXc…/viewform Give yourself an exciting experience in Bulgarian language for 4 days! We offer you an unforgettable experience in the world of children’s books and characters that will help you learn more about…
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e-book of Good practices in Migrant inclusion

  We are so happy to share with you this e-book of Good practices in Migrant inclusion. Download it from here: ebook pdf  

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6th newsletter

Download pdf here Newsletter 6 EN

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4th newsletter


06/01/2021 0

5th newsletter for the project

You can download the pdf here: LWRMI newsletter n. 5_EN  

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Online JSTE made by NC Future now (3rd training)

  That was the 3rd JSTE of the project LWRMI with the following topic: Innovative methodologies for fast and effective teaching and learning based on different modern pedagogical theories:Accelerated Learning (SALT),Suggestopedia,Dessugestopedia and Reservopedia. This training was supposed to happen in Bulgaria but we made it online because of the situation with Covid 19. We had…
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22/12/2020 0

3rd meeting for the project-online

  Last meeting for the project LWRMI. The situation now is very specific. That’s why we made the last meeting online. Everybody took part. Fortunately everybody was in good condition. Although this situation we will manage to make and finish all the activities. We are very happy to see each other and to continue the…
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05/11/2020 0

JSTE in Hemel Hemstead, England

  The JSTE in Hemel Hempstead (12-16.11.2019) was an amazing event organized by Community action Dacorum. Penny explained the Community action Dacorum activities. It’s a very very interesting organization, with several good practice about volunteering. Congratulations! We visited so many inspiring places: Radio Dacorum – Radio Dacorum is a community based radio station, broadcast 24/7 through…
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