Let’s Work for a REAL Migrants Inclusion

The project LWRMI is funded by Erasmus + programe.

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The project “Let’s work for a real migrants inclusion!” is focused on the exchange of good practices to try to find solutions to the refugees and migrants problem.
In fact the world is facing an unprecedented displacement crisis. Over 65.000 people worldwide are now forcibly displaced as a result of persecution, conflict or for fear of death. In each year, thousands of people are leaving their houses and their home country to escape war, persecution or conflict. Since 2011, there has been a continuing conflict in some countries especially in Syria which has led to the field of many citizens to countries with the aim of being sheltered. 



Exchange of good practises in migrants inclusion

What are we going to do it this project.

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Project logo (chosen on 6 proposals)
-Project web site in all partners languages
-Project leaflet of 2 A/4 pages in all partners languages
-n.6 project newsletters of 2 A/4 pages each in all partners languages
-Facebook page
-Facebook group 

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Broadcast & Interviews

-30 radio podcasts to be on air on a radio network on 14 radio at least
-Survey and interviews for a deep analisys of refugees/migrants needs & citizens perception
-Interviews with other organisations working for refugees/migrants

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Events & Evaluation

A multicultural festival in each partners’ country
-A language course to be held in each partners’ country (4 weeks with 15 participants per country)
-Monitoring activities
-Evaluation activities
-2 Seminars (one in Thessaloniki and one on project results in Tiriolo)
-Dissemination/Exploitation activities in general

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Research & eBook

-Questionnaire on refugees/asylum seekers in order to gather information on attitudes, necessities, perceptions
-Research done in each country about 5 national good practices on refugees’ integration in English
-eBook of 15 best practices (chosen by the partnership)

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 International Meetings

We will meet to keep up the good work and to plan the next steps for the project. The first meeting is in Potenza, Italy, then Theassaloniki in Greece and the final one in Tiriolo, Italy.


Seminars & JSTEs

The 1st JSTE will be in Kirsehir about refugee school integration, then comes the 2nd in UK about volunteers activities for refugees and then the last one in Bulgaria about new methodologies about learning languages.


Local festivals

Multicultural evenings and festivals in all the partner countries – exchanging traditions, food, dancing, flags.


Language course

Organisation of language courses in all the partners countries with duration of 4 weeks.
To learn local language or English.
Number of participants: 15 per country.






Youth Europe Service is a no-profit association that wants to promote:

Integration of people with disabilities or disadvantaged (migrants, refugees, etc.)
Solidarity and civil living together
Knowledge and protection of the historical, cultural, artistic patrimony
Development of the social, cultural and sports activities to create an European citizenship
Youth exchanges, mobilities abroad and cultural events, trainings, etc.
New entrepreneurs & job opportunities
Activities and initiatives in tourism development and promotion.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is today the largest university in the country. It comprises 11 Faculties organized into 41 Schools. Operates 41 bachelor degree and 68 master degree. School of Journalism and Mass Communications maintains a sustained record of research output in the major areas of journalism studies, certain aspects of cultural studies and mass communication. International and Peace Journalism Lab aim is to promote new approaches and conduct research regarding conflict analysis and resolution, international journalism, hate speech and disinformation. 

“Future now ” 2006(Bulgaria)


Narodno chitalishte “Badeshte sega 2006” was established in 2006 by experts in the field of education and training. Its mission is: “to enrich the process of personal development and learning”. It works in youth sector, non-formal learning, personal development of children and youth, support for people with fewer opportunities, social inclusion, etc.

Basilicata Press

Public relations agency 

Basilicata Press is a communications and public relations agency who works on behalf of public authorities and private organizations to promote and communicate events, initiatives, organizations, services, projects.
The company has created the radio format Lavoradio that now is a national broadcast, having reached the following numbers:
It, actually, goes on air on 13 radio in 9 regions of Italy , It has a basin of 3,5 million of people, it has normally 800.000 radio listeners.


Social enterprise

CO.RI.S.S. is a Social Co-operative, established in 1991 and acting in the following fields:
– Vocational training
– Social and health services for disadvantaged people (substance misusers, minors, people with disabilities, women in difficulty, immigrants).



Community Action Dacorum is a charity which provides local services to wide range of target groups:
– Supporting other charities
– Provision of adult learning and supporting individuals into employment
– Community Transport Scheme, Local CSR initiative, Community Radio Station
-Interpreting and Translation

This expertise is used to engage in many Erasmus+ Projects in areas such as language, local history, migration, training and volunteering

Kirsehir il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu

Goverment organization

Kirsehir Provincial Directorship of National Education is the national education directorate at province level and it is responsible towards the Ministry of Education in terms of duties and services. It undertakes education services on the basis of province and districts. It consists of branches, bureaus, permanent boards and commissions according to the characteristics of the service.
We have 158 educational, Vocational, training institutions, 3059 teachers/trainers and 45658 students/learners. Our organization is working with the Ministry of Tourism and we have a vocational school for Tourism. We have 147 students attending and actively working in the sector even covering the internships. 







Latest News

Here we will share all the new things around our project.

Survey: Refugees and migrants

Each country made questionnaire for 15 migrants and refugees. Here we will share the data with you.  

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“Добре дошли” Short language course in Bulgarian for foreigners

Dates: 27,28,30,31 January 2021 Place: Zoom Time: 18:00 – 21:00 The number of participants is limited. Free of charge ————————————– Apply here: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSdfJOyYVypXXc…/viewform Give yourself an exciting experience in Bulgarian[…]

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